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Preparing for change

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Change can often be the hardest thing for me to comprehend.

It takes me longer to process what I need to do, and what's different about it. It also means that when it does happen, it will feel like a whirlwind to me, happening all at the same time in a very short space of time with very little time to understand what is happening, when in fact it is happening on a much slower basis, possibly over a few days.

At the moment I am currently preparing to move where I'm living. Its a move I have known that would be happening for well over a year now, but this is now the tedious part. All the stresses of finding somewhere to live is all out of the way now, and the cardboard boxes are now re-emerging from under the stairs. It will take me longer to pack up my belongings as I will have to mentally take a note of where everything is going, play tetris with the objects to fit as much as I can into the boxes, and label the boxes up in a way to make sure that it can be clearly understood when I reopen the boxes in due course.

A lot of people would bung anything random into one box to fit, but I have to be logical. I have to make sure that books are with books, DVD's are with DVD's, saucepans with colanders, etc. if a DVD ends up in the box with a book, its not the end of the world until I start looking through the DVD box for a specific DVD and cant find it, and don't realise that it is in the book box. This I know will cause me distress when I come to look for it in due course.

I often feel that moving is so much of a hassle, as it takes a while to settle into a place where you are, then for it to change at what feels like short notice, can feel disruptive and uneasy and can often lead to me feeling more confused.

But as Michael Jackson said:

If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.

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